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Giant Liverpool Store Rides - First Intermediate Ride Report

July 27, 2017

I think it’s surfice to say our store rides are becoming quite a success! 

They’re certainly a highlight of our week. 

Starting back in March we ran our first ‘Thursday Evening Store Ride’. The plan was to run a handful of fairly steady social rides celebrating the longer days and warmer evenings.

Somewhere in-between an British Cycling HSBC guided ride (https://www.letsride.co.ukWithin) and your local club run, where you could join in for the whole loop, or just tag along on your commute home.

Just one or two rides in we recognised the calibre of the riders coming along and it went from ‘steady’ to some serious high watt, high speed chases. 

An impromptu Ice-lolly & beer stop in a supermarket car park one scorcher of a evening led to every fourth ride (the Wirral circuit) finishing with a bit of a get together, usually pulling in our biggest turn-out. 

Average speeds went from 15 to almost 19mph and rolling speeds were constantly way over 20. But luckily we’d made the call early on to run these sessions fortnightly giving us a week in between to run something a bit different.

Just this week we ran our first ‘Intermediate Road Bike Ride’!

The thinking was to avoid busy city streets and traffic that inevitably play a part in the ‘Thursday Evening Store Ride’ and get out for a shorter route at the steady pace we originally had in mind.

So off we headed to the quieter roads of the lovely Wirral peninsular. And again it was a hit! 

With an average speed of 15mph, these rides will now become a regular fixture in our events calendar alongside what has now been renamed the ‘Advanced Road Bike Ride’.

Now a good friend of the store has pointed out that naming the rides ‘Advanced’ and ‘Intermediate’ can sometimes be taken in a derogatory light.

That of course was not our intention, and is no reflection of the riders turning up to each ride. In fact we had a lot of riders crossing over into both rides which was fantastic! 

His suggestion, and one I’m very keen on is to rename the groups ‘Double Shot Espresso’ Road bike Ride, and ‘Cappuccino’ Road Bike Ride!

If we were to introduce a completely-new-to-road-cycling-ride, would that be an ‘Instant’ Road Bike Ride? And for our social rides that end with a drink or two, the ‘Espresso Martini’ and ‘Irish Coffee’ Road Bike Rides..?

I’ll have to get myself to a barista class and get back to you.

So the plan going forward (for as long as there is the interest) is to run our Cappuccino Road Bike Ride every second Tuesday (20 miles around the Wirral around the 15mph mark) and our Double Shot Espresso Road Bike Ride every second Thursday (30-35 miles around the 20mph mark), alternating each week! With all rides created as events on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/giantliverpool/ .

Something we tried with last week’s Double Shot ride was to section off a portion of the route to really let loose. This led to some fantastic riding, and is something I’m keep to make a regular feature. Just take care on those roads!

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated and taken on-board, so let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks again for all of your support, and we’ll see you one Tuesday or Thursday soon!!

Jono and the Giant Liverpool Team