Giant Liverpool Sefton Park Laps Rides

Every other Saturday (Average 16-20mph)

Sefton Park Obelisk (Aigburth Drive)

Start point: Sefton Park Obelisk (Aigburth Drive)

Distance: 1 x warm up lap. 9 x tempo laps (roughly 23 miles or 37km)

Group: Cappuccino & Espresso*

End point: Obelisk Sefton Park/Giant Liverpool

Rider rewards: half-price coffee at Arts Bar Baltic and in-store offers changing each month (see facebook or strava events pages for details).

All riders taking part do so at their own risk. All riders must wear a helmet and have a road worthy bike to join in. Giant Liverpool can not be held responsible
for any injuries caused on the ride.

*riders can go at a pace they're comfortable with, that fits their training/current goals, and will naturally fall into their own groups

Follow us on facebook or strava for start times, route maps, ride discussions, rider rewards and to let us know whether you’re planning to attend.

These rides will be taking place on the following dates:

25th May

8th June

22nd June

6th July

20th July

3rd August

17th August

31st August

14th September

28th September

12th October

26th October

9th November

23rd November

7th December

21st December