Cycling Weekly name the Revolt Advanced Pro as their 2023 Bike of the Year

15 July 2023

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“Coming onto the ride, the first thing to mention is the compliance, which was utterly exceptional.”

Cycling Weekly Tech features editor, Stefan Abram and his team examined a number of gravel bike models before selecting the overall winner for 2023.

They decided on performance alone, where the Revolt Advanced Pro came out on top. The Revolt, according to Abram, "Is right up there with the most aggressive of racing gravel bikes."

In contrast to other gravel bikes that specialise in one area, Abram praised the Revolt for its versatility. He claimed the Revolt offers “Some unique features which really make it stand out from the crowd.”

The editor of Cycling Weekly got a pleasant first impression of the Revolt and recognised its comfort right away. In his account of the ride, he states, "Coming onto the ride, the first thing to mention is the compliance, which was utterly exceptional."

The Revolt Advanced Pro features an Advanced SL-grade composite fork, which reduces weight and absorbs road shocks and vibrations. Commenting on the carbon composite frame design, Abram writes "On the Revolt, however, despite the tyres being about the same width (40mm this time), the frame did an amazing job of absorbing the impacts."

Abram reiterates that the Revolt Advanced Pro is a gravel bike that performs exceptionally well in a variety of ways. This is emphasised in his statement that "Still, the Revolt is an excellent bike in so many other aspects - and the way it not only straddles but excels, in two separate sections of the gravel spectrum is highly unusual and greatly appreciated."

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Our 2023 Revolt Advanced Pro range uses the same carbon frame and fork as last year's multi-award-winning Revolt. Our new range offers the same level of performance as the bike of the year; however, it has brand new colourways and componentry. 

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