Get race ready for your first Duathlon with Tom Davis

22 March 2022


Duathlon is back and we’re extremely excited to see what the year ahead holds for athletes all over the world! Giant Ambassador, Tom Davis has created a session to help those who are looking to get race ready for their first duathlon.

If you’re not familiar with what a duathlon is, no worries, we’ll break it down...

Duathlons are basically just like Triathlons; but without the swimming! These consist of a run, a bike and another run. You can opt for a shorter or longer duathlon, as there’s a number of variations available. Standard duathlon distances are 10km/44km/5km, however lengthier ones do exist too, so it depends on what you wish to compete in!

As the season is just about to start, the Essex-based athlete wants to share a session with you all, in hope that it will help others who are also excited to hit the ground running this year!

Tom Davis’ duathlon session:

Got a duathlon coming up in a few weeks? Then use this session once a week over the coming weeks! This session should get your body used to jumping between the bike and the run. It's important to remember that this is a bit different to a standard triathlon, so it does take a bit of practice, but stick with it and you will soon be ready and raring to go!

Bike # 1 

- Start off with 20 minutes of easy riding to warm up, then go into

- 3 minutes @ FTP (functional threshold point) then 3 minutes easy between x4

Run # 1

- Get off the bike and go straight into 5 mins @ tempo running, followed by

- 2 minutes easy run

- 4 x 1 minute hard run, with 1 minute easy between. Off the 4th one straight into Bike #2

Bike # 2

- 10 minutes @ tempo

- 5 minutes easy 

- 5 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, straight into Run #2

Run # 2

- 5 minutes @ tempo

- 10 minutes cool down

Please note: tempo effort should be the sort of effort where you can still talk, but are limited to a few words at a time. Make sure you fuel correctly throughout this session and ensure that you recover properly. 

We hope this session deems helpful for those who are eager to compete. Here’s to a great year of incredible races, record-breaking times and podium finishes.

Head over to Tom’s Instagram @tom-davis_tri to follow his exciting journey!