Stance E+ receives solid MBR review

17 October 2023

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Muldoon's preliminary assessment of the Stance E+ can be summarised as follows: “Plush rear suspension response and seamless power delivery. Clear compact, easy-to-use display/controller. Generous frame sizing and good standover. Smooth shifting with Shimano LinkGuide 10-speed drivetrain.”

Mountain Bike Rider editor, Alan Muldoon reviewed Giant’s Stance E+ in the October issue, gifting plenty of compliments on the electric mountain bike.

Muldoon begins by praising Giant's Flexpoint Suspension technology which the Stance E+ utilises. He claimed it "delivered a ride that is both smooth and affordable.”

The flexpoint suspension system on the Stance E+ has 125mm of travel, which “is very effective once you get it set up correctly”. Muldoon mentions that the 125mm of travel gives really strong traction and has a far greater hunger for harder terrain than the figures suggest.

Delving into the technological aspects, Muldoon expressed admiration for the motor and battery of the Stance E+, highlighting its excellent value for money. He states, “It still boats a powerful Yamaha-made SyncDrive Sport motor with 75nm torque which is combined with a 625Wh removable battery to ensure that you’re not being shortchanged on either power or range”.

The electric bike's display is Giant's RideControl Dash, which generates comprehensive riding data including cadence, speed, distance, time, and battery capacity. Muldoon praised the display, characterising the RideControl Dash as “crystal clear and easy to read”.

A silent motor is consistently sought after by e-bike riders, and the Stance E+ SyncDrive motor fulfills this requirement. In addition to providing robust performance, Muldoon asserts, “Get on the gas, and Giant’s SyncDrive motor offers a really smooth power curve, and at lower revs – around 70pm it’s pretty quiet”.

To read the full review, purchase take a look at the October Edition of Mountain Bike Rider.

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